The "ANASTASIA" Civil Non-Profit Organisation was founded in 2021 in Patras for the purposes of awareness, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation in regards to strokes.

It sprang from the need Giorgos and Sofia Dimakidis, Anastasia Atamegou's (1964-2020) children, had to help both those who have suffered a stroke and their immediate family to cope with the lifestyle changes that this condition may bring about.
Maria Andrianopoulou and Niki Karakosta, who are friends of the aforementioned founders and witnessed the agony suffered by Anastasia's family during her hospitalisation, are also among the founding members.


Sofia Dimakidi
Manager & Founding member
Giorgos Dimakidis
Founding member
Niki Karakosta
Founding member
Maria Andrianopoulou
Founding member


"ANASTASIA" is the first Civil Non-Profit Organisation created for the purpose of helping stroke sufferers.

Its main purposes are mutual aid and the psychosocial support of both stroke sufferers and their families.

It should be noted that every year in Greece:

35.000 PEOPLE


On a global scale, strokes are the No. 3 cause of death, and the No. 1 cause of impairment in adults. The mortality rate ranges between 17-34% within 30 days from the attack and 25-40% within the first year.

It is important that everyone be aware of how to identify the symptoms of stroke

and then how to take direct action so that the sufferer reaches the proper hospital as soon as possible, resulting in a lower likelihood of extensive and permanent damage and better chances for a fast recovery through the appropriate treatment.

If you or someone you know show symptoms of a stroke:



Facial drooping: Ask the person to smile. If one side of the face or mouth is drooping, it is a sign of stroke.


Arm weakness: Does one arm feel numb or weak? Ask the person to raise both arms. If they cannot keep one of the arms up, it is a sign of stroke.


Speech difficulty: Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. If they have difficulty speaking or being understood, it is a sign of stroke.


Time to call: If the person in question exhibits any of the aforementioned symptoms, call 166, the number for the emergency services, without delay. Even if the symptoms subside, you should still call an ambulance.


The founders' vision is that no one else suffers like their family has due to a stroke, and that strokes no longer constitute a cause of death.

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